Released May 24, 2012

Plot Outline

One Warm Night is a near-murder whodunit, involving a beautiful girl who invites her past boyfriends to reveal a life-changing secret. This unwitting group of misfits and oddballs find themselves caught in a game of cat-n-mouse as a plot to murder them all unfolds. But who is trying to kill them? Things heat up as a multitude of mysteries are revealed, leaving even the most aware guessing at what is truly “real” in the crazy twists and turns of One Warm Night.

Tag Line: This Time The End Will Justify The Means


The Story Behind  ”One Warm Night”

A little background on One Warm Night. It started as a Script Class project in The Actors Room – Film & TV coaching. The actors were/are all written into the script (each with equal or central roles) to work on various areas of character development, scene study, table read, chemistry, situation/moment awareness, set/camera interactions, etc, etc… and with that it grew into a developed project that included all 17 actors (students in The Room); a mix of aspiring and notable working actors all given a place to showcase their talents at the level of acting knowledge and ability they have. Everyone (including me) has grown from the experience. I’m very impressed with the efforts and hard work each of my amazing actors has put into this production… and of course, very grateful to the over 100 incredible individuals that worked behind the scenes and on the set to bring you “One Warm Night.” It’s been a great experience and one that I’m sure you will enjoy! I hope you’ll have fun with it. That was the goal!


-Steve (Director/Producer/Writer… but most of all Proud Coach)



Brought to you by: The Actors Room and Last Chance Productions
Produced by: Steven G. Lowe and C. Anthony Chase
Written and Directed By: Steven G. Lowe
Starring: Sean Michael Afable, Jared Hernandez, Julie Manriquez, Justin Lee, Koko Laimana, Laura Meadows, Brandon Thomas, Ryan Tsang, Janessa Beth, Anthony Kongphan, Jonathan Wiersma, Yasmeen Yamak, Matt Lunn, Joe Salling, Kory Bennion, Mac Chapel, Frances Tang


  • chubbybros

    Really quirky and weird but nonetheless entertaining and intriguing. Can't wait for the next one :D

  • Fernando Mark Paiz

    Amazing writing and a lot of heart from the cast… what’s not to love? :) From beginning to end this was pretty incredible