Anthony Kongphan

Released May 25, 2012


“Of Thai descent , born in Kansas City. Began modeling and pursuing acting at a young age. Has been seen in such films as 90210 , Young and the Restless and various commercials.”



Anthony Kongphan was born on April 15, 1985 by Anandej Kongphan and Yowalke Kongphan. He showed interest in acting at a very young age wanting to play various roles and also making short home videos for his parents. It wasn’t until the age of 18 when he signed up with “Exposure Model and Talent” in Kansas where he began modeling and acting in numerous commercials. He later on moved to NYC for modeling and also attended TVI Actors studio to furthermore his craft in acting. At the age of 21, he packed his bags and drove to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. He attended classes at Beverly Hills Playhouse and is now currently training under Steven G. Lowe at “The Actors Room”. He has been seen in such films as 90210, Young and the Restless and various commercials including Anchor Blue, Sprint and Optus featuring Rihanna.

  • @JohnnyWiersma

    I've got my eye on you!

  • Desirea

    Team NINJA all the way !!!!

  • Jared

    TK!!! It was cool seeing you bring those ninja skillz to the screen haha

  • Steve

    No one plays a better screwed up Ninja then you!! That guys a mess! Haha! Thanks for the energy and laughs you brought to the set.

  • Jamie

    Wow Brother you have came a long way eversince knowing you as a little kid , Keep up the great work buddy !

  • Joe

    Nicely done Tony! Very charismatic

  • Amber

    NINJA TONY!!! You have such a great personality and are really talented actor. I just know the world is going to fall in love with you!! :-)

  • @PatrickManaloto

    You do modeling, high level gaming, dancing and acting? What else you got in your bag of trick Mr. Kongphan? Haha good stuff Tony!

  • @JulieManriquez

    Tony!!!!! I LOVE the ninja!!!!!!!! Your talent shined thru this character, can't wait to watch it :)

  • @korybennion

    Tony you are one of the coolest dudes ive ever met! Straight up.

  • Matt

    Tony the Ninja!:D

  • @RyanDTsang

    Haha I'l never forget you defying gravity on set and on the basketball court! … he truly is a Ninja

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    WAPOW!!!! NINJA MAN, i need to find some of our old movies we made!!! haha

  • Justin

    Great actor and great ninja…put them together and you get Ninja Tony!!!!!! Awesome job man, btw he does his own stunts :)

  • @hollymaag

    haha! Anthony, you have such an intriguing personal background and I am so excited to see you showcase your Ninja skills in One Warm Night!

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    I really can't wait to see you as the Ninja in One Warm Night! You do your own stunts too!! That's straight up sick nasty!!!

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    Hey Ninja! It was fun watching you and all your ninja skills!!!

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    You are THE NINJA! There was no one better to be The Ninja!

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    Dude ! This is sooo cool that your an Actor and being pro at video games , can't wait to see this ninja action.

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    So awesome that this guy is an amazing game player then BAM you find out he does acting too , do you do commercials also ?

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    The Ninja makes this webseries over 9000