Joe Salling

Released May 25, 2012


“My entire life I have considered myself a people person.  Over the years, this helped me develop an understanding of human nature and an appreciation of the differences people have to offer.  The art of acting has given me a means to explore this beautiful nature of myself and others.  Hopefully, through acting, I will also spread my understanding and appreciation of humanity to others.”

  • @JohnnyWiersma

    Good job Josef!!

  • Jared

    awesome interview Joe!

  • @PatrickManaloto

    Joe, one of the coolest cats on the planet. World, meet Joe, it'll do ya some good and make ya laugh.

  • @JulieManriquez

    Blue eyed Joe! It was a pleasure working with you on "One Warm Night". Great job on your lil interview :)

  • @korybennion

    thank you so much for being my transportation. forever in debt!

  • Matt

    haha mister lets not ruin anything! love it already:)

  • @RyanDTsang

    Oh Joe.. I forever have "WAIT! The pool table will get ruined!" burned into my memory.. definitely one of the most iconic characters in OWN!

  • Steve

    Pleasure working with you Joe… though things did get a little messy. Haha!

  • Justin

    Joe, you are the shiznet!!! Great interview, people are gonna love your character in the show…sooooo funny.

  • @hollymaag

    Joe, you are such a fun person! Your smile is so welcoming and I am always impressed with your performances. Your character from One Warm Night sounds very funny. I can't wait to tune in!

    • Joe

      Thanks so much Holly! I always enjoy watching you act, it's nice to have you in the class.

  • @WesleySavin

    Joe you're a super chill person, it's a pleasure to have you as one of my friends! the Series is going to be sick, I'm pumped!!!!

  • @yasmeenyamak

    Joe joe joe! The pool table will get ruined!!!!

    • Koko

      Favorite scene/blooper of Joe was when he was in the (location we were not suppose to talk about) dropping (the thing I can't say)…memories heheh