Laura Meadows

Released May 25, 2012


Laura Ann Meadows was born in St. Louis, Missouri. As a youngster growing up, Laura moved around with her Father’s job as a college Math Professor. Laura has lived from California to Connecticut and all places in between. Laura was determined to make a career in the arts happen anywhere she was. Laura’s degree is in Fine Art but also taking up studies in music, dance, and of course acting. Laura lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys her artistic career in scting, modeling and visual arts. Laura has three beautiful children the oldest a girl and then two boys. The oldest boy is a special child who has Downs Syndrome.

  • Al Gold

    Obviously her studies have served her well. She is an accomplished actor that displays her art well. She is versatile in that she can play various type roles with equal charm and mastery.

    • Craig C Chen

      I agree! :)

    • Laura Meadows

      Thank you so much Al for your review. Take care and keep in touch!

  • Janessa

    It was a pleasure working with you Laura! You are a very talented, professional, and heartfelt actor.

    • Laura Meadows

      Janessa as always a pleasure working with you and hope to do it again!

  • Y Eileen Traub

    What a good actor she is..professional, giving and knows what to do when the camera starts to roll..she totally takes the concentration of herself and onto the other person(s) and right on the mark..I hope to act with her someday on a project.

    • Laura Meadows

      I would love to act in a project with you too Eileen! It would be an honor!

  • Craig C Chen

    She is best actress! I worked with her before! :) Beautiful and sexy! She is very friendly and charming! I am her biggest fan! :)

    • Laura Meadows

      Craig you are the best thank you and see you soon.

  • Earle MacVeigh

    Hi Laura, this sounds like a wonderful project. I have loved having you as a friend and working with you on a few different productions. I'm so glad that you worked on the western movie short "What Have I Done" earlier this year. I recently saw the, almost, final cut the film that Bob has been editing in post production since we returned from the White Horse Ranch. In my opinion it's going to be a wonderful piece to be proud of. It has the authenticy and look of the time period and the specially scored music and the dramatic voice over makes it a piece to enjoy. I still enjoy looking at your pictures in the movie clip that I posted on my Facebook page. Stay well my dear "beak a leg" and keep in touch. Earle ps. are you going to the "Ugly Shoes" party tonight in Long Beach? If you are I'll see you there!

  • Donna

    Laura is a wonderful Person, as well as a Great Actress!

    • Laura Meadows

      Thank you Donna will keep in touch.

  • Thom

    Laura is such a super talent with simply amazing versatility for her roles! She can really bring a lot to any character. Can't wait to see more of her (and One Warm Night as well).

    • Laura Meadows

      Thank you Thom and see you soon!

  • Michael Gershman

    I love watching Laura on screen. As soon as I see her I smile. I will buy tickets and bring friends to anything she is in. Yes, she is that good.

    • Laura Meadows

      Thank you Michael that is so nice!

  • Laura Meadows

    Thank you Michael that is lovely.

  • Frank Espinosa

    Laura you are on FIRE and light up the stage and screen in a way that only you can do. What a magnificent talent and loving passion for all that you do. You are a wonderful person and actress with an angelic presence. It is always a pleasure and blessing seeing you and watching you perform. Keep it up and can't wait to see more of you!!!! : )

    • Laura Meadows

      What can I say but thank you Frank!!!!!xxxooo

  • Crystal Stranger

    Looking great! Love to see how much you have going on and excited to work with you again! xo Crystal

    • Laura Meadows

      thank you Crystal and excited to work with you again!!!!xxxooo

  • Ronna

    Laura is a woman of terrific artistic ability. I am so glad to see her branching out into acting. She gives her all to every project she gets into and it shows!

    • Laura Meadows

      Thank you Ronna. xxxooo

  • Rinku Mathew

    Not only is she beautiful, fetching, and talented, Laura is a force to be reckoned with. To meet her is to be mesmerized.

    • Laura Meadows

      thank you so much Rinku. xxxooo

  • LMC

    Terrific actress and gorgeous to boot!

    • Laura Meadows

      Thanks LMC.xxxooo

  • Karin McKechnie

    Laura is talented, professional and lovely–a rare combination. I'm proud to say that I've had the pleasure of working with her!

  • Laura Meadows

    Thank you so much Karin. xxxooo

  • sasan soury

    watch my talent friend Lura Meedow in ONEWARMNIGHT movie..and enjoy her play

  • Laura Meadows

    Thank you Sasan. xxxooo

  • Bruce Blank

    One word sums up Ms. Meadows: Determined. All the times I've known her, the drive to be the best – as an artist, performer or parent – has sustained and nurtured this amazing talent. It has been an honor to follow Laura's career over time, knowing she has nowhere to go but UP!

  • Laura Meadows

    Thank you Bruce you are a treasure. xxxooo

  • Rich Garcia

    sexy, gorgeous, super-talented, and tenacious as hell. LOVE your work Laura!

    • Laura Meadows

      Ty Rich!

  • @hollymaag

    Laura, you seem to be so dedicated to your family and your career! I can't wait to watch you in One Warm Night!

    • Laura

      Thank you Holly! xxxooo

  • Laura

    check out the link from IMDb +200 actresses that I would love to film a horror movie

    by reservoir_indio

    my scream queens
    Laura Meadows made 210 in the list!