Mac Chapel

Released May 25, 2012


“Growing up in Southern California has been a huge blessing for me: living close to the ocean, with happy parents and four brothers, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate.  I love life, family, friends, and the adventures life has to offer.  I aspire to continue a life filled with joy and wish to spread it among all those I meet along the way.”

  • Joe

    Great logline man. I miss you Mac!

  • @PatrickManaloto

    I agree with Joe! You're a cool cat my friend.

  • @JulieManriquez

    That log line is so Mac! I'm glad we were able to work together on "One Warm Night"

  • @korybennion

    Miss you brodude!

  • Steve

    What a heart and what a talent… it was great working with you.

  • @JohnnyWiersma

    One of the most creative guys I've ever met, keep up the good work!

    • Koko

      yes, incredibly talented artist on camera as well as on any medium

  • @hollymaag

    Can't wait to see you in One Warm Night!

  • @yasmeenyamak

    It was great to work with you on set!