Matt Lunn

Released May 25, 2012


“Life is too short to be spent wasted.  From when I was born and up to a few years ago I found myself just like everyone else.  My life was ordinary and full of fixations over the simple things we all envy over.  Within the last few years I have separated myself from that average everyday life that was given to me.  My engine is revving and my heart is pumping.  I have made an oath to myself to change the world, to never live my life average and simple, and to spread my love for acting and playing music to everyone.  I am Matt Lunn and welcome to my world.”



Matt Lunn was born December 1993, in Mission Viejo, California to David and Judi Lunn.  Matt became interested in acting as a child and started to study improvisation and drama at the age of 14.  He first appeared on stage performing for the OC Crazies Improvisational Comedy Troupe directed by Cherie Kerr.

Matt got his first credited roles in Coffee, Tea or Me and a Tales from Dark Fall TV episode produced by Robert M. Conrad and Directed by Ellen Muth.  After Coffee, Tea or Me, he has since been in episodes under the direction of Tim Russ in Company Man and Holly-Lynn Johnson in The Last Laugh where Matt appeared in his first supporting role, which included guest star actress Lana Wood.

Now Matt Lunn continues to act and deejay with no intent on stopping.

  • David Lunn

    I'm proud and excited for you Matthew! and can't wait to see you in the episodes as they unfold.

  • Jared

    Matt! I really enjoyed your character… super funny man. Good job

  • @AnthonyKongphan

    Always staying in character and giving it your all ! Loved watching your creativity on set .

  • Joe

    Unlike me! haha sure Matt whatever you say

  • @PatrickManaloto

    Matt, keep it up dude. You've got that comic element to you just like your father. Share some of that.

    • Koko

      So true!

  • @JulieManriquez

    Hey Matt, you did a fantastic job with your character on "One Warm Night" can't wait to watch you in it :)

  • @korybennion

    you are one of the funniest guys ive ever met. your character cracks me up!

  • @RyanDTsang

    Matt!! Dude you are super funny in the show. I can't wait for the rest of the world to see your comic genius!

  • Steve

    Matt some of the best moments are on your face… watching your reactions never gets old for me. Great working with you.

  • Brandon Thomas

    Cant wait to see ya Matt!

  • @JohnnyWiersma

    It was a pleasure to work with you!

  • @hollymaag

    Matt, I am so happy that you are living your passion of acting and music! Way to go! I can't wait to see your performance in One Warm Night!

  • @yasmeenyamak

    Matt, reaaaaly creeepy…