Ryan Tsang

Released May 25, 2012


“There are infinitely many opportunities to enjoy life.  I spend each day doing what I love with the people I love: creating film, acting, playing music, and making new connections.  I’m excited to explore what the world has to offer and what I can offer to the world.”



As a senior Film/Business major at California State University Fullerton, Ryan Tsang is dedicated to really doing something with his degree.  Before joining The Actors Room in 2011, Ryan gigged around House of Blues Anaheim and The Whisky as a punk rock drummer, as well as recorded and produced music in his home studio.
Music production resulted in the creation of “ASI Live: Concerts at the Becker,” a weekly show that Ryan hosted and produced.  This series brought school spirit to the digital age, letting students and prospective bands experience concerts at CSUF.
Taking things to the next level, Ryan quit all his day jobs and replaced them with entertainment industry ones. He found his way into modeling through a Hot Topic print booking, told another producer he could do voice over, and began professionally recording voice over in the comfort of his bedroom.
Ryan’s wanderings began to sculpt into a career with the guiding hands of Steven G. Lowe at The Actors Room.  Through eye-opening personalization coaching, Ryan discovered that the only limits in his life are the ones he sets for himself.  Within one year, the brand new actor signed with an agency, shot a Coca-Cola commercial, and landed his first role in a feature film.
Ryan has been assisting under Mr. Lowe in various productions, including One Warm Night from development through post-production.  In 2011, Ryan Tsang and Justin Lee created film production company Black Canvas, which is currently in development on its first feature film, written by Ryan and Justin.

  • http://twitter.com/PatrickManaloto @PatrickManaloto

    It's amazing seeing you grow in your time as an actor. You are definitely an intelligent and hard worker.

  • Jared

    Ry Ry! It was great working with you… and I truly appreciate and repect your work ethic, keep it up!

  • Steve

    What you brought to your character was fun to watch. Great working with you!

  • http://twitter.com/AnthonyKongphan @AnthonyKongphan

    Some really amazing scenes you did in OWN , thanks for all the hard extra work into helping me with the voice-overs.

  • Joe

    Looking classy Ryan! I'm glad to be involved in your life man.

  • Amber

    You're such a hard working actor, I know the work you're putting in is going to pay off ten-fold! Can't wait to see what life brings you!!! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/JulieManriquez @JulieManriquez

    Ryan, I am so proud of everything you have achieved! You are such a hard worker and I know you will have a successful future :)

  • http://twitter.com/korybennion @korybennion

    You are one of the first guys to have talked to me and make me feel like part of the gang. Thanks so much! And i loved working with you!

  • Matt

    Ryan way to go bro!

  • Brandon Thomas

    Great work Ryan

  • Justin

    Awesome Job Ryan!!!! Proud of you brotha, lol !!!

  • http://twitter.com/hollymaag @hollymaag

    Ryan, that is awesome that you and Justin started Black Canvas, I will definitely have to check it out. It really shows how talented you are on so many levels – Hollywood better watch out for you! Can't wait to see you in One Warm Night!

  • http://twitter.com/WesleySavin @WesleySavin

    Ryan you have a huge heart and it shows in every aspect of your life! Seeing you in One Warm Night is going to be awesome!!

  • http://twitter.com/yasmeenyamak @yasmeenyamak

    Great job Ryan!!!

  • Koko

    Mr Tsang,
    It has been so amazing seeing you jump into the deep end with us during this processes, you have such an amazing heart (and smile) and I am so happy to have basically started my career with you!

  • http://twitter.com/youngcelebnews3 @youngcelebnews3

    Go Ryan!! Can't wait to see this series!!!